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Storage facility
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Storing energy today for the needs of tomorrow

Spire has more than 160 years of experience delivering natural gas services, and we have owned and operated natural gas storage facilities for more than 65 years.

Natural gas storage supports grid security, safety and reliability by providing critical backup supply to manage variable energy demand. 

Storage in Wyoming

Located in the southwestern corner of Wyoming, our natural gas storage facilities are connected to five interstate pipelines including the Kern River, Ruby, Questar, Overthrust and Northwest pipelines. We are also strategically located near the liquid Opal Hub and have access to the Rockies Express to serve customers across the country. We help customers move gas out of the Rocky Mountains area to multiple regions and customer bases.

Pipeline Map - Spire Storage
Pipelines on West Coast
A closer look at Spire Storage in Wyoming
Gas facility
Gas facility

Holds 35 billion cubic feet of working gas

Pipelines intersecting
Pipelines intersecting

Interconnects with five interstate pipes and access to REX

Ryckman Creek facility
Ryckman Creek facility

Strategically located near Opal Hub

Smiling worker
Smiling worker

Positioned to serve multiple regions and customers

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Image of: Spire Storage Facility
Image of: Spire Storage Facility
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